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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Xbox One Vs Sony Playstation 4 Guide in Hindi

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
It is no doubt, the world has been changed completely now. So the Microsoft has decided that, built up a console for new generation Games it is said to be Xbox one. This is launched or show in big countries like America, Australia and in the European markets. This is belong to xbox 360, and xbox 720 family. All entertainment available on this system. The faculty to automatic share videos of game play and its recording. The Kinect is advance option for users because included sensor motion to touch with, easy move, start and play games. Xbox one console contain smooth design, amazing, shinning chronological black color and very nice shape to think that why i am choose Sony Ps4 vs xobox one.

xbox one price in pakistan

                                               Xbox One Vs Ps4

ps4 vs xbox one giude in hindi
You can see just above Pictures Read full description easily understanding that Which is Better to Choose them.

Let  you explain in brief now about its specifications, review and what is a latest Pakistani price ..

Best Buying Guide provided by online games lab in Urdu, Hindi and English Languages with features.

                    Xbox One Specifications /Features & info Product

The xbox live is a network for new games, the network ability to connect every member of this community. Through this , members connect with a lot of games, videos , movies and songs. it is a subscription service, if you have subscribe gold membership you will be work on both xbox 360 and new xbox one.

1. Manufactured or Developers of this product by Microsoft.

2. Kind or Type is video gaming console.

3. Release in years and date is 22 November 2013.

 4. Operating system of this "Windows" .

5. Central Processing unit  AMD 8 Core CPU.

6. Hard Disk Drive or Storage device 500GB has internal memory.

7. Ram 8 GB DDR3.

8. Graphic and Display up to 1080P and maximum 2160P.

9. Camera yes other feature is WiFi, Ethernet and Usb 3.0.


After a long discussion it seems that this article is acceptable for you but it is fact that, it enables us in  understanding the difference between Sony play station 4 or ps4 vs Xbox One specs and latest Price in Pakistan. i think price in pk 50,000 to 55000 PKR but USA 500 Dollars.

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