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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tekken 5 Pc Game install Guide Video

Thursday, November 14, 2013
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Dear friends now these days in the world many people or young boys have playing games for entertainment and became a fresh mind and happy life.
But most people don’t know how install games on pc this is a big problem in the world.
It is true that i am playing games and like Tekken Series Games. Tekken 5 for pc to tell about how to install and free download tekken 5 available on windows xp , vista and windows 7. Others plate forms are ps3, Xbox 360 and ps2.  First Work of your download tekken 5 iso in own system for example laptop. Hence, Locate hard drive and see these files inis, logos, NEW.mdf etc. Before you need a  Pcsx2 Emulator for Playing...! or need latest ps2 emulator with best configuration.


                                                          See Images and Video Tutorial

Just watch free video of best configuration for your help and you get more information.


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  • 1:  Pcsx2 emulator Open this see at the top bar first system under Boot CDVD (full) next Boot CDVD (fast) Run ELF… automatic game fixes check mark on it and Enable Cheats.


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  • 2:  Then 2nd Menu option is CDVD > iso selector > Brows locate the Tekken 5 full version Pc Game iso, before you can best configuration of pcsx2, then click on folder or duoble click open.

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  •  3: Choose your NEW.mdf File and then Select.

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  •   Last click mouse on system >  Click boot cdvd (fast) and play it.

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