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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pcsx2 Emulator Free Download For Pc

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Dear viewer today i am telling to you very important thing. What is a pcsx2 emulator with bios and plugins, it is a software for playing iso files. This is an open source of  Playstation 2 emulator for windows, Pc and other Operating systems like windows 7, 8 and win xp, version names are 0.9.8 r4600, 0.9.9 and new available that is 0.10.0. You can do easy with run many latest games of ps2 if have not run on Pc. And how i can do best settings for slow pc systems it is very easy, Please follow online games lab and Read full Description. About this application its for windows and developed by Pcsx2 Team.

ps2 emulator free download for pc

1.  For setup  if you have download  in your own system see setup file double click on mouse it will be open.

2. Choose components you want to install and unchecked if you donot want to install. Click next to continiue.

3. Select destination folder and click start for installation.

pcxs2 emulator free download

4. Please wait only one minute. then setup was completed successfully , click on close button.

free download pcsx2 emulator

5. New window will be open, this is Ps2 emulator first time configuration. Change the Language if you need , otherwise click next.

playstation 2 emulator

6. Check GS Configuration Setting Resolution select 800 x 600 75 Hz.

                             Rendere Direct 3D 9 Hardware.
                    Interlacing Blend bff ( Slight blur, 1/2 fps).
 Aspect Ratio 4:3 and use Ps2 resolution check Native for full speed, then Ok.

playstation 2 emulator download for pc

7. Select Pads.

8. Bios Select.

9. See Video for more help all Settings and best configuration of Ps2 emulator for pc.

10. Last Option is very important for slow Pc, just click enable speed hack or  increase select 1 to 3.


                                               Watch Video

Please donot forget to watch free video of this emulator, it is a best configuration guide for all playstation 2 games when you want fast playing on slow pc systems.


link is datafile and UN-check the tick mark and click download.

                                      Ps2 emulator free download full version for windows xp



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