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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 Review And Price in Pakistan

Sunday, November 17, 2013
sony ps4 price in pakistan
Next Machine introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2013 for next Generation games are Called "Sony Play Station 4". This console launch very awesome, unique from previous consoles Ps3 and Ps2. Slim design , very beautiful Shape, Black Color, White and More if you want to like it. Its controllers look very nice easy Put in your hands.
No difficulty face to played Games on Ps4. Upgraded to Previous version , this system can not be Play Ps3 Games, explain another words ps4 backwards compatibility have not available in it. However, the Pakistani latest Price round about 40k to 45k it will be low, if compare than new xbox one Price.

                                Ps4 Features/Information

1:   Developed or Produced by : Sony Computer Entertainment.

2:   Type : Game Console or Machine.

3:   Generation No :  8

sony playstation 4 controlers

4:   Sony Playstation 4 Controllers Dual Shock 4 Wireless include touch screen and sharing              Buttons easily sharing Videos , movies to the friends.

5:   Releasing in years 2013.

6:  Operating System is Called "Orbis"..

                                         About Play Station Plus

PlayStation Plus network card

PlayStation Network is a feature authorize user to access diversity of online services via connect to the internet. Because it is a Subscription Services to achieve the next level of all latest Ps4 games.

                             Ps4 in India Specifications and Review

sony ps4 specification and review

      There are following Specs means Specification of this Product.

  • Cpu:   Single Chip Processor Unit.

  • Central Processing unit : X86-64 AMD "JAGUAR 8" Core PC.

  • GPU: 1.8 TFLOPS and AMD Radeon based Graphic Engine.

  • Memory or Ram : GDDR5 8GB.

  • HDD: Built in 500 GB and Upgraded easily.

  • Optical Device Yes : BD 6x CAV and DVD 8x CAV

  • Communicatin via  Ethernet (10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX and 1000 Base-T)

  •  IEEE 802.11 B/G/N , Bluetooth yes 2.1 (EDR)

  • Optical Devices: Dvd Combo Drive and Blue ray 1/10.

  • Output Devices:  HDMI , ANALOG AV OUT, Digital out Put it means Optical.

  • Camera  included sensing motion device, Pixel size is 1280 x 800..


  Sony PlayStation 4 Price in Pakistan approximately 45000 PKR, idian will be double  and  USA $ 400.


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