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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sony Ps3 Slim Specifications and Price in Pakistan

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Last day you were very happy because online games lab is ready to talk about another story, the third generation Ps3 console released and discovered by Sony Playstation Computer Entertainment, it is home base product for those peoples who lot a love with games. The new Playstation 3 console gives you everything you want bundle of latest Ps3 games. The system provides features for you,if you subscribe to Net fix it means that online service. You can easily watch High Definition Hd Movies, Blue ray songs, hd picture quality tube, hd TV Shows, Dramas, watch news, see photos and much more. If you want big bundle of Softwares update automatically download in Ps3 you just have PSN service. The system has three types of Models Original fat 2nd Slim and Lastest Super or Ultra Slim with Black Colors, White, Red and Blue Color.
However, this Product Vastly Used in Pakistan including Lahore,Sargodha,Multan,Faisalabad, Islamabad,Peshawar and Karachi etc. More in india , usa, uk and ps3 slim  Price in Pakistan according to Pk Currency approximately 30k to 40k or it will be 30,000 Rupees to 4,0000 PKR.

sony ps3 price in pakistan
sony playstation 3 slim price in pakistan
ps3 super slim specifications and features

The awesome facility in this Console is that backward Compatible, it means play all previous Playstation 2 series games or in other words have backup compatibility. This is a huge feature. 

                                      Beautiful Controller


The Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller unique from previous Controller because easy grip in your hand to get ready for next battle.

                                  Smart Ps3 Specifications


There are following reviews in Pakistan about this product.

  • 1. Unanswerable online games services.
  • 2. Connectivity with Psp, Playstation Vista and Playstation Network.
  • 3. The initial Feature is 2 HDMI Ports and Six Usb Ports.
  • 4. Wi-Fi internet connection and flash card reader.
  • 5. Sony Ps3 Launched in USA with Unique Style.
  • 6. The Storage Capacity of this Console is Start from 40 GB HDD, next 80 GB HDD, then 120 GB Hard Disk Drive, another 160 GB HDD, 250 GB HDD, 320 GB HDD Storage and Last 500 GB HDD.
  • 7. 2x Speed Blue ray Disk Drive for Playing Latest Games and you can do easily jailbreak install CFW for running pirated disk, for download and install gaming applications directly from internet broadband  connection.
  • 8. Central Processing Unit of ps3 or Cpu 3.2 GHZ, This Processor made by Sony or SCE, IBM and Toshiba.
  • 9. Bluetooth connectivity 2.0 along usb 3.0 speeds and Playstation 3 eye Camera.
  • 10. The System has Linux Operating System.
  • 11. Graphic Memory Nvidia 500 MHZ Gpu.
  • 12. Input Devices are Power Cable, Av Cable and Usb Cable.

According to USA Currency it will be latest Ps3 Price 35 Dollars.


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