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Monday, 16 December 2013

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pc Game Free Download Full Version

Monday, December 16, 2013
tekken tag tournament 2 game free download
You never forget tekken tag tournament 2 developed by namco bandai , ever gauge the heart of Championship. Because the primary tekken tag tournament that started it all bring back in largest roster ever.The unlimited fighters Combinations with various ways to challenge your girl friends, boy friends, relatives and brothers to become a champion. This is a big chance for you likely being turned off by Arcade Games, however in the previous series no hundreds numbers of combos, no unique move, no secret or hidden shots to cheat the players. How for win, technically you will have most experience for playing tekken tag tournament 2 it is a best option, if we want no losing in the match. I am not Kidding tekken tag tournament 2 game is full version free download from torrent and this game has multiple Platforms that are Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 or Ps3,Psp, playstation Vista and Wii U Standard edition. Now has been for laptop, Pc or Computer with high powerful graphic card full speed for running tekken tag 2.


1)                                   Features of this Game

tekken tag tournament 2 full version free download

Now following Features of  Tekken tag tournament 2 game other than it is a ps3 iso.

  • One match two fighters to fight with Pose.
  • Switch their players cancel any time without waiting.
  • New moves and harmful combos.
  • New customization mode to customize all characters.
  • Single player mode one vs one, multiplayer mode 2 vs 2 available when you connect with internet.
  • Simple and unique techniques combined throws to get ready for the next stage.
  • Every character has more than twenty awesome combos.

2)                               Pc System Requirements

Processor intel Core i5 CPU or System requirements Spped 3.00 Ghz.
Minimum One Giga Byte graphic Card Geforce GT 620 for tekken tag tournament 2 .
Ram 4 GB DDR3.
Cache memory minimum 6 mb and maximum 8 mb.
Windows requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8/ win xp, me , win Vista and 2000 include all Service Pack 1,2,3.

3)                                 Dangerous Characters 

download tekken tag 2 free game

There are following characters in this tekken tag tournament 2 pc.

Alisa Bosconovitch daughter of Dr B.
Alex  New Face.
Combot same as tekken 4 combot.
Ancient Ogre complete name.
Angel ( girl ).
Anna Williams sister of Nina.
Armor King Brother of King.
Asuka Kazama relative of jin.
Beak master of Hwoarang.
Bob Richards with fat and slim body.
Bruce Lrvin is a Boxer.
Bryan Fury nice soldier.
Christie wife of eddy.
Craig Marduk friend of king.
Devil jin blood of jin.
Eddy Gordo husband of Christie.
Feng Wei student of Wang.
Forest Law  and  Marshall Law.
Ganryu Japanese wrestler.
Hiehachi Mishima my favorite.

4)                             Miscellaneous Characters

Hwoarang beautiful Boy.
Jack 6 extended to jack 5.
Jin kazama blood of devil.
Jinpachi Mishima grandfather of kazuya.
Julia chang but not love with Ganryu.
Jun kazama mother of jin.
Kazuya Mishima blood of Devil Kazuya.
King brother of Armor king.
Kuma or Panda.
Kunimitsu live with Youshimitsu.
Nice Lars Alexandersson.
Lee Chaolan Love with girls.
Lei Wulong as a Policeman.
Miguel with extra hits.
Nina Williams Sister of Anna.
Paul Phoenix said no game no pain.
Raven Collect the information .
Roger jr is a Kangaroo, Zafina and Much more.

So last discussion is that tekken tag 2 very rare game for windows, Pc, for psp, ps3, for xbox 360, for ps4, for xbx 720 and other Platforms.


  1. brother torrentz s kr lo wo thk h ...abhe mn search kr rha hu koe best link nhe milla...

  2. hy plz tell me can i run this on my pc i have intel pentium (R) cpu g645 2.90ghz 4 gb ddr3 ram and 1 gb nvidia geforce 315 graphic card tell me plz


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