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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Xbox 360 Slim Console Latest Price in Pakistan

Saturday, January 04, 2014
This is a 2nd generation best video game console belong to xbox family, in short words it is said that, this is new xbox one series. But this console developed by and produced Microsoft for new features of top xbox 360 games. And latest Price in Pakistan it will be roundabout with kinect more than 40,000 Pakistani rupees. What is xbox live, it is online games service allows users to download all top xbox 360 games, download new and latest xbox 360 demos, listen music or songs, watch ultra hd TV Shows, hd quality movies and all kind of news. All entertainment included in this system, you can enjoy unlimited fun about all over the world. This Console has multiple designs, colors and models which are slim and fat. New version is elite edition, Gopro edition, old is arcade, other are Jasper, limited edition and xbox 360 Gears of war 3 edition.

xbox 360 250gb price in pakistan

                                          How Launch

The microsoft xbox 360 first time lauch in usa and released in years 2005.


What is kinect, it is a free games controller device for xbox 360 slim console or fat.The rear of old xbox 360 vs ps3 looks very nice, if compared with new,used and original model.

                                         New features

  • Fat model and Slim design.
  • Watch on high definition Picture quality of games, movies etc.
  • This console has three to five colors, there are white, black, green, red and sometimes yellow colors.
  • Connect with 2 controllers, one smart controller and Gear of War 3 wireless controller with quick buttons.
  • Long battery timing of xbox 360 controllers.
You can install or insert hard drive in slim console, if you want in this list external hard drive 60gb, 80gb hdd, 120gb hard disk drive, 160gb hdd, 250gb and easily insert 320gb hard disk drive, internal memory has only xbox 360 4gb.

xbox 360 games
new xbox 360 250gb

Specifications of this product

There are following specification, more features, reviews and specs and latest Price in Pakistan, uk and india.
Processor 3.2 GHZ full power.
Yes backward compatibility available in it.
Two number of controllers and easy connect 16gb flash diver with console.
Network connection available, it means you connect with internet for downloading and playing online games and much more entertainment.
Easily jtag, you can do jtag for playing copy and pirated games.
Latest version system software Lt 3.0 and Lt 4.0 install for playing latest xbox 360 games.


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