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Friday, 31 January 2014

Microsoft Xbox 720 Gaming Console Specifications and Price

Friday, January 31, 2014
Today in onlinegameslab blog you will know about new gaming console price in Pakistan along India price, what a price in big countries like UK, Germany and Japan etc. About its specifications or features reviews in usa and about its release date more about top games. This is a new and powerful Xbox 720 Console for video games which is made by Microsoft. Every Body knows that xbox 720 is slim and smart console with kinect system but it is the most popular gaming product and mostly liked by the boys and kids. But Microsoft did not announce the release date of xbox 720 and specification properly but according to VGLeaks Some Specs or features are Leaked write below here.

Microsoft xbox 720 Price in Pakistan and release date or specifications

                    New Generation Gaming Console Specifications

According to VGLeaks few Specification see below on Wallpaper.

new xbox 720 specs and price in pakistan

Currently in The Xbox 720 Using of Processor Powerful Speed 1.6 GHZ (CPU) 8 Cores.
The main GPU is high Powerful, Smaller and have fast Speed. But GPU designed to reduce the Power Consumption When you watch on it TV Shows or Serials, Playing movies and listen Hollywood music etc.
Xbox 720 has 500 GB HDD Memory.
Ram is 8 GB means gigabytes of DDR3 (Memory).
Blue Ray Disk Drive for playing Blue Ray DVD games.
USB 3.0 and Smart Glass is also an alternative controlling method for xbox 720 which allows player to use a smart phone and tablet instead of the usual devices.
The Kinect 2.0 device may also be featured on the xbox 720 to detect individual fingers or eye movement for playing games.
This console plays all past series of xbox games that’s a huge specs and it has smart and slim controller.
Online service is xbox live for using online all services such as watch online movies, download demos free download games and much more.
This Console has Backward Compatibility Of xbox and Xbox 360.
Total Cache memory is 4mb.
You can use Skype for communications, for live chat and for messaging. If this service Microsoft has yet to confirm it.
Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection for browsing internet.
L1 Cache memory is 32kb and L2 Cache memory is 4mb.
800 Mega Hertz Graphic Processor if you like Compared than PS4 Processor.

                                        About Release Date

According to The Microsoft analyst which name is Paul Thurrott the xbox 720 will expected to come in the early November.


ATI Radeon Graphic Card made by AMD but which is popular one to be used in xbox 720 and xbox one GPU.
High Graphics of Xbox 720 When you watch hd images or hd wallpapers, Browsing internet for watch free videos, for free download demos and listen audio songs.

                                     Price Of This Product

The Suggested price or cost it will be in Pakistan 50,000 to 60,000. And in USA approximately 500$ and in UK  300£.

All These Prices only expected just information for you.


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