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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

IGI 1 Game Full Version Free Download For Pc

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
igi pc game free download full version for pc

First time Jones initiate a project IGI I'M GOING IN with colleagues and a project is secret.During this game each missions are incredibly very interesting, attention and exciting, use multiple secret ways in which to kill the enemy. In this game you will be able to hire enemy weapons and equipments for next project  IGI-2 Covert Strike. More than twelve missions during this full version  game. Bravery, Careful tactics ways and deceitful are the meaning of  Pc Game "IGI I'M GOING IN". You'll be able to free use acute knife, bombs, Guns, shooting iron and pistol to defeat enemy. Through Out play a free game with unlimited health and Guns, Pistol Demos simply insert cheats codes pressing F11 and F12 on the keyboard setup.

                                                         More information

  •   Developed By innerlop studio.
  •   Published By  Eidos interactive.
  •   Releasing in years 2000.
  •   Play on  PC.


                                     Project  IGI 1  Missions and its Objectives

TrainYard  is for small coastline trainyard.
SAM Base  for  small missile defence base.
Military Air base Rescue that josef from the air base.
God  mission for defend the friendly troops.
Rader Base  to disrupt jach's communication network.
Get Priboi  for only kidnap jach from his base.
Border Crossing to get jones across the border.
Re-Supply   get jones' equipment back.
Missile Trainyard  get on the train.
Defence Priobi to  take jach to the FRV.
Eagle's Nest one , the approach to Ekk's fortress.
Eagle's Nest two , Ekk's hill top fortress.
Nuclear Infiltration of infiltrate the nuclear base.

                                      IGI Game Play Video and Screen Shots

project igi game play for pc
Mission 4
igi pc game mission 3
Mission 3
igi cheat codes for pc game
Game Play IGI

                                                    IGI 1  Cheat Codes

Now there are following cheats codes below here with full details.

                                          Press  F11 for Unlimited ammo
                                          Press  F12 for Unlimited health

                                                         System Requirements 

  •  Pentium3 800 MHZ or Faster if Windows 8 install in your Systems for example Computer  and Laptop. 
  •  Memory: 256 Mb
  •  Video Memory: 64 Mb
  •  HDD Memory: 250 Mb
  •  Windows 200/7/xp/me
  •  Sound Compatible DirectX 9.0
  •  Key Board and Mouse

free download pc games

                                            Click Here Free Download IGI 1 Setup


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