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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

IGI 2 Game Free Download Full Version For Pc

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
project igi 2 game free download for pc

IGI 2 is name of Military Project of game. During  this game , Soldier David Jones is yet again begin a mission with a Person, Main killer objectives of Jones in mission to Percolate key enemy airbases, Military Conceal and Country Secrecy Loco-mote across Libya, china and in to Afghan country. However in Previous project of  iGi, Jones could be a Clever Soldier bring back key inscribe from initial game of  IGI i'm going in, Key-engrave placed in to new locations and situations or things. David Jones  Enlist a Project IGI-2 Cover Strike full version for windows 7, Vista and windows 8. in this game free download you shall be able to insert cheats to modify a mission and  increase Life health, fire Power setup to kill enemy. if you will not adopt Careful tact and Adroit, it means that you lose and more than twenty rather incomparable missions without cheats codes. But this is  Produced and Manufactured by  inner-lop studio.


                                   You can easily achieved missions are as under:

  • First mission is infiltration.
  • Deep in the Mines
  • Weather Station. 
  • Bridge across the dnestr.
  • Ambush.
  • Production facility.
  • Border crossing.
  • Libyan rendezvous.
  • Prison escape.
  • Proboi's villa mission.
  • The air field.
  • Zaleb's strong hold.
  • Showdown at the docks.

                                                          Some Difficult are.

  • Island assault.
  • Air Strike.
  • Ancient temple.
  • Secret weapons lab.
  • Mission control.
  • Last is The launch pad.

                                                  Screen Shots Of Game Play

igi pc game full version free download
igi 2 pc game play
igi 2 free download
igi 2 covert strike game for xp

                                         IG1 2 Cheats Codes and Demo Tips

The Most manifest route is not usually the best for you because you are not igi 2 trainer. When observe the enemy and Plan your approach. Use the map of Computer, Binoculars , use cheats codes, thermal imaging and peeking to study the enemy and watch easily. By Pass enemy Guards Sneak past Security cameras and avoid Triggering the all alarm of bells.

Enable Cheats Codes For Unlock all Missions Press on keyboard Left Ctrl + Left Shift + F9.
For Forwards Missions Press Left Ctrl + Left Shift + F12 that has been done.

                               About System Requirements

                            Pentium 3 @ 2 Ghz Processor.

                            Ram 512 Mb and OS Winows Xp/200 and win 7.

                            Hard Drive Space 130 Mb Free.

                            Direct X9 install in your system.

                            VGA internal 128 Mb must have.

                                                          Free Download IGI 2 


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